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LifterLMS is a popular learning software where students can enroll in your courses, take quizzes, and earn certificates. Lifter LMS also offers great resources for instructors, such as the ability to view student progress.

Have you tried LifterLMS and learned it wasn’t right for you? Even though LifterLMS is a trusted name in the industry, I think there are better LMS platforms. I wanted to create this list and recommend some of the other LMS platforms I have used and loved. Continue reading my best LifterLMS alternatives guide.

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Bottom line Up front

If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin alternative to LifterLMS, I suggest LearnDash. If you’re familiar with WordPress, it will be easy to learn this system.

You receive great features for your course, such as the option to make assignments and quizzes. As long as you only need one course, LearnDash is pretty affordable. I suggest looking through the rest of these alternatives to find the best LMS platform.

What Is LifterLMS?

LifterLMS website

If you’re on this page, you likely used LifterLMS and realized it wasn’t for you. But you also may be looking for the best LMS and may not even know what LifterLMS is. Let’s discuss LifterLMS to understand why I’m offering alternatives.

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin for owners of course or membership websites. LifterLMS offers customization options, so you have more control over your course. Unlike other WordPress platforms, LifterLMS offers an all-in-one platform. This is groundbreaking since course owners usually have to invest in additional WordPress plugins to access a full suite of course and website tools.

But there are some issues I have with LifterLMS. First, they don’t have a free trial–you can try their platform for 30 days, but it will cost you $1. This isn’t a massive price, but most competitors offer a free trial. If you decide to invest in the platform, you must pay more to get a full suite of features. It may be worth it to consider a competitor.

LifterLMS does include some impressive features, but they are lacking in some departments. For example, I only see email marketing as the only promotion tool, whereas competitors offer a more in-depth marketing suite.

Tips When Finding LifterLMS Alternatives

Before I recommend some LifterLMS alternatives, I want to mention some key aspects to consider when choosing any of these alternatives. These alternatives may benefit some instructors over others, so it’s best first to know what you will use to your advantage.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service and Support

From my experience using LMS software, I learned that every platform comes with a learning curve. I first recommend you research every platform’s support and training options. Most LMS platforms offer training guides, product demos, videos, and other resources to help you learn how to use the product.

If you get stuck on any platform, you will benefit from having great customer support that can walk you through your problems. All of this will not only improve your experience using LMS software, but you’ll create better courses this way.